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Here is a BLIZZARD of snowy sites and winter activities to help  you enjoy the wintry season!
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"In the meadow we can
build a snowman...."
Most of the following games requires Macromedia Shockwave. 
HERE to download it free if you don't have it. These are great interactive sites for kids. Many can be printed out when completed. Have fun!

Billy Bear's Building A Snowman-click and drag to build your own virtual snowman
Billy Bear's Make A Snowman-this is a fun one! The children make choices on how to decorate their snowman. Great for reading and making decisions.
Build a Snowman at Captain Java's site, click and drag

Build a Snowman- by clicking on the different numbers,  you can change your snowman's appearance.

Activity Idea~
I have created "Snowman Codes" for  young learners to follow- great number recognition and following direction activity. I simply list 3 numbers that they are to click on and then answer questions about the snowman they just created.  The kids love it! I challenge them to come up with their own codes too.

Build a Snowman-great for practicing mouse skills in lower grades- simple design
BlackDog's Build a Snowman-Blackdog has filled his yard with great things to build a snowman. What you don't use you can feed the hungry bird! He eats anything!
Build a Snowman at Sears- lots of choices and painting options too!
Build a Snowman at Serena's Site- This is a beautiful site with wonderful graphics and fun music.  Scroll down to select different scenes. A definite favorite in my class.
Dress The Snowman- a drag and drop activity
Dress Frostina-great for little ones- drag and drop
PBS's Build A Snowman-create your own snowman by answering questions
Snowman Construction Kit- brought to you by Clever Media. Several tabbed areas to choose your snowman's elements. You can email to a friend, send to their gallery and more.  Very impressive site! Watch out for ads!
Virtual Snowman-Ben and Jerry have a fun snowman to accessorize in this drag and drop activity. Great for little learners.


"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let Snow!"

A snowfall of great wintry resources!

ABC Schoolhouse's Winter Patterns- fun ideas with many printables: snowman, mini book, sentence strips, coloring... Nice site!
ABC Teach- many fun printables: flashcards, coloring sheets, borders, poetry forms,  word searches, writing paper and more! Join ABC Teach and get access to even more!
A cute ABC's of Winter book created by a first grade class. Technology Connections-If you have KID PIX, try creating your own book!
A to Z for Teachers Winter Theme- a wonderful collection of resources to enhance your unit on winter and snow
Billy Bear has some great wintry fun in store for  you!  Visit here to find wintry wallpapers, personalized stationary, screen savers and clipart. Find story writing activities. Make a snowman shaped snowflake, play online games, put together online puzzles, or dress a snowman! There are word searches, flash cards, online coloring pages, arts and crafts, games and more! 
Coloring Pages from Kids Central-print and color these delightful snowmen pictures
Digital Snow Museum- this is a very cool site! Take a pictorial walk through time and see  how  winters past looked.
DLTK's Winter Craft Page- an awesome site to find projects to make learning fun!
First-School- a wonderful site to get some "cool" ideas for winter fun, great winter printables! This is one of my favorite sites!  Check out the whole site for fun all year round.
Frosty Readers has many great wintry fun activities and games
Holiday Zone- celebrate winter here with arts and crafts, poems, songs, and more!
Hummingbird's Educational Site offers many unique winter activities. My favorite- painted honeycomb cereal sprinkled with glitter to make snowflakes.
Kids Central Winter Playground- games, science projects, coloring, activities with snowmen and snowballs, clipart, recipes and more!
Kids Domain's Winter Fun- clipart, downloads, games, online games, pintables, additional resources
KinderKorner-Snow Unit a wonderful unit complete with photos of all their great work! Penguins  Gingerbread 
Kinder Themes-January Theme Unit-Includes Winter book lists and activities, crafts, lesson ideas and more
Little Giraffe's Winter Fun- neat ideas from a real teacher! I love the ice cube game and so did my students!
Let It Snow-a collection of Internet resources to use with your snowy units of study
Meeting the Mitten WebQuest- an elementary WebQuest that goes along nicely with Jan Brett's book, The Mitten.
Mrs. Hoghue's Winter Ideas- very creative ideas! My favorites are the snowman finger puppets and foot print snowmen shirt. 
Mrs. Jones' Online Snow Resources- Mrs. Jones has created a nice list of internet resources to compliment your winter lessons.
Mrs. MacDonald's Snowman Glyph-follow the directions and create a very special snowman. I have used this in my computer lab and the kids love it!
Create a snowball e-card to send to your friends at The New England Postcard Shop
Preschool Rainbow's Winter Activities- songs, poems, crafts, science lessons, book ideas and more!
Scholastic's Mini Winter Words Book- cute little book you can print out for your cute little learners!
Snow- links to great sites on the ins and outs of snow, online resources and printables
Snow-a collection of great snow related poems, books, arts and craft ideas, subject integration activities and more.
Snowy Activities - book ideas, crafts, science activities, math lessons and more
Snow Activity Links- find out how snow is formed, how snowflakes are created, find pictures to color, take a snow quiz and find snowy pictures.
Snowflakes- a thematic approach- this site is filled with ideas to incorporate all the curriculum areas. This page was created by the Fairfax Public Schools.
Snow Fun- a site created by a preschool teacher- book lists, storytelling, poems, arts and crafts, bulletin boards, learning center activities, recipes and more!
Snow Thematic Unit- a very organized site of Internet resources for a snowy unit of study.
Snowman Unit- full of songs, poems, book lists, arts and crafts ideas, language arts and math  activities too!
Snug In The Snow-learn all about animals and hibernation at this DNR site.
Starfall's Reading-Reading OW words to build a snowman This is an awesome site! "Snow" kidding! An interactive book that reads to the reader! Each page asks them to complete certain tasks to build a snowman.  This is one of those MUST BOOKMARK SITES!!
Squigley's Games- a collection of activities and games, includes- matching, coloring pages, quizzes and more
The Idea Box provides a wealth of craft activities and recipes for the winter months.
Wilson A. Bentley- also known as the SNOWFLAKE MAN. Learn more about the man that explored the wonderful world of snowflakes. Some relate activities at Frosty Readers
Winter Celebrations-arts and crafts, language activities, songs, poems, rhymes and a list of additional Internet resources
Winter Fun Scavenger Hunt- an upper elementary activity that has kids searching for wintry facts.
Winter Ideas For Kindergarten- a collection of ideas from Nancy Yost, an early childhood specialist.
Winter Wonderland-A literature list and extension activities created by a teacher in an early learning center.
Winter Wonderland of Activities! MCSD created an awesome page of  winter activities! A must visit site!
Winter Word Glossary- great list of weather words and what they mean
This is a truly inspiring site! Virtual Vine has a great collection of snowmen songs, books lists, craft ideas, lesson plans and more! This is a must visit site that you will want to bookmark


Snowflakes Falling....
A collection of sites to help you create your own snowflakes!

Ben and Jerry's Snowflakes-choose a pattern, print and cut! It's that easy!
Create a snowflake pattern online before you actually start cutting- very cool!
Make a Flake-WOW! what a great site! Choose your favorite snowflake, save it, print it and cut it out.  You can also download a flake and edit it to use in other programs.
Make your OWN Snowflake- a great recipe to make a real snowflake!
Snowflake Patterns- create beautiful snowflake designs. Patterns are printable!
.Snowman Snowflake-this is very cool!  A little tricky to cut, but worth a try. My students loved it! (Billy Bear)


Online Games for Kids
A collection of interactive Internet games for elementary-aged children (and their parents too ;) )

~Billy Bear's Online Coloring Page-very simple design that is great for little learners!
~Books to read online-Colors of Winter- a very cute book created by some very talented first graders. Like that one, read their Winter Counting Book Or ABC's Of Winter
~ Counting Mittens- help the kittens count their mittens

~Counting Penguins- young children will love counting the penguins
~Down Hill Skiing- test your skiing abilities, must register at site to play this game
~Ice Boy-Navigate a 3-D iceberg 
~Jigsaw Puzzle-scroll down to out this wintry scene together
~Jigsaw Puzzle-a four piece puzzle, great for young learners! For a harder version, click here
~Jigsaw Puzzles- a collection of winter themed puzzles to put together
~Kids Domain's Winter Games- build a snowman, go skiing, count penguins and more!
~Matching-drag objects to their correct season
~Match the Snowflakes- a memory style memory game, find the matching colored snowflakes
~Patterning Pinecones- finish the patterns
~Puzzles- choose 6,12,or 20 piece jigsaw puzzles
~Sledding Adventure-help a penguin get safely through the forest
~Snowfall- dodge snowflakes as you travel to get your baby brother safely home
~Tic Tac Snow-an online game brought to you by Billy Bear
~Winter Scrambled Sentences- click and drag to put these sentences in order
~Winter Word Search-find wintry words in this online word search


Literature Links to Winter
A collection of book related activities.
A collection of activities from real classrooms focusing on Winter related books.
Eric Carle's Dream Snow, written by Eric Carle- quiz- read the book and then take this on-line quiz
Eric Carle's Dream Snow-Unscramble the sentences!
Eric Carle's Dream Snow Hangman- uses words from the book
Jan Brett's Home Page- wonderful site by a wonderful author!
Jan Brett's The Mitten- a WebQuest developed by teachers, counting mitten game
Lois Ehlert-Snowballs- ideas for using this book to enhance learning: author study, language arts activities, reading comprehension, writing, art and more! Click here for another activity to complement this fun book.
Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day- activities to complement this great book
Winter Wonderland-A literature list and extension activities created by a teacher in an early learning center.



A Snowfall of Arts and Crafts
and other fun winter projects!
~Lots of fun for those long winter days!~


~Balloon Paining- Snowpeople~
Blow up 3 different size balloons. Pour white paint onto a plate or styro-foam tray. Dip the largest balloon into the paint (hold the end that you tied) and then stamp it onto black or dark blue paper. This is the snowman's bottom ball. Repeat  with the medium sized and small balloon to finish building your snowpeople. Let dry and add the accessories. Use wallpaper, felt, fabric, wrapping paper, etc.. Kids love to use different textures in their artwork!

~Crayon Resist Drawings~
Have children draw a wintry scene using crayon. Ask them press hard while drawing. Paint over the drawing with white tempera paint. The paint will resist covering the crayon drawing and create a very neat snowy scene. Sprinkle with white glitter while wet to add some snowy sparkle.

Egg Carton Snowman-how fun and easy too!
Family Fun's Winter Crafts-  make a snowman pin, a sugar cube igloo or homemade snow goggles! Lots of great activities for the whole family!

~Frosty Winter Scene~
Color a scene with crayons, press hard, then paint with white paint. The paint won't stick to the crayons. sprinkle with clear glitter while paint is still wet.

~Marshmallow Painting~
Little fingers love to paint with a variety of items. Marshmallows of different sizes and shapes make great paint utensils.  Kids can dip them into white paint and then "stamp" them on dark construction paper.  Just make sure the kids don't eat the painted marshmallows, but offer some for snack afterwards.!

Paper Plate Snowman- gather your plates and make a cute snowman (Enchanted Learning)
Paper Punch Art- kids love to punch holes in paper! So, let them punch away and then use the punches to create wintery scenes such as this!
Polar Bear Puppet- print out the pieces to make a polar bear paper bag puppet
Quilt Squares-Ms. Burns has created quite the paper quilting squares! Simply download and print these quilt squares-then fill in with the appropriate colored construction paper.

~Snowflake Activity~
Draw 3 lines on white construction paper, space them approximately one inch apart so you will end up with 4 strips when cut. Have your students cut into strips. This is great cutting practice for young learners.  You  can also have pre-cut strips available if you want to avoid the cutting. Now lay the strips on top of one another to form an X. Lay a third strip across the middle and so forth to create a snowflake shape.  Staple the middle. We added our pictures (using a digital camera) to the centers. We also used fancy edged scissors to cut the ends to make our snowflakes unique.  We added glitter to make the sparkle.

~   ~Sparkly Snow Dough~

You will need: 1 c. flour, 1/2 c. salt, 1 Tbsp. oil
1 c. water, 2 tsp. cream of tartar,
2-3 tsp. dry white tempera paint
Silver glitter

To Do: Mix everything except your glitter in a pan. Heat over low heat and stir constantly until dough thickens and pulls away from pan. This will take a few minutes. Remove from pan and knead until dough becomes smooth. Add glitter to make your dough sparkle like freshly fallen snow.

To Store: Store in a Ziploc baggie or any airtight container.


~Snow Paint~
You will need Soap flakes, water, liquid starch, and white powdered tempera.   Mix soap flakes with water into a thick paste. Let children mix with a hand beater. Add a small amount of liquid starch and tempera. Let children create designs by painting with this mixture. Very neat feeling!

~Sparkle Snow Paint~
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
Mix together the above ingredients and put in a squeeze bottle. Squeeze doughy paint out on to black construction paper. Make anything snowy, snowflakes, snowmen, snow covered trees or mountains... Let dry thoroughly and it will sparkle. May also be painted (when dry) and allowed to dry again. This is a great 3 dimensional effect for snow.


~Snowman Pin~
Using a small wooden ice cream spoon you can create a cute pin.  Paint the spoon white. Let dry. Add a felt hat. Cut a tiny scarf from felt or fleece. Add to snowman.  Using any small craft item decorate your snowman.  Kids love those little googly eyes.  Hot glue a pin to the back of the spoon. This should  be done by a grown-up.
**You could use a large craft stick instead of the wooden spoon.

Another Snowman Pin Craft from Family Fun using buttons!

Snowman Necklace- using ordinary white glue you can create a winter friend (Enchanted Learning)

                    ~Snowman Soup~
A cute mug or baggie filled with hot co-co, mini marshmallows, a candy cane and some love (mini Hershey's kisses)...
I've been told you have been real good this year.
I am always so glad to hear it!
With freezing weather drawing near,
You will need to warm the spirit.

So here's a little Snowman Soup
Complete with stirring stick. 
Add hot water, sip it slow.
I am sure it will  do the trick!

~Wagon Wheel Pasta Snowflake~
Paint wagon wheel pasta white using white tempera paint or spray paint. I have spray painted them ahead of time and just left a huge basket at my art center.  While wet, sprinkle with glitter.  Arrange the pasta pieces into a unique snowflake design. Glue to a piece of heavier paper (construction paper or poster board). When dry you can display them as is or cut around the shape and hang from the ceiling. 
Great activity to reinforce symmetry.

Windsocks- Ms. Burns has created downloads to create a variety of seasonal windsocks.

~Whipped Soap Snowman~
Empty two to three cups of Ivory Soap in a large bowl. Gradually add just enough boiling water to the soap to make it thick and creamy. Make a picture using the whipped soap

~Winter Writings~

Snowmen At Night- I love this book! For years, my computer lab students have written their own versions of this story! They used MSWord to publish their stories and Kid Pix to illustrate their work. 

Steps in a Process Writing: Fold a large piece of construction paper into thirds. Each section is devoted to a step of building a snowmen. On the back, the children create a completed snowman.

Winter Cinquains- Poetry is fun all year long! Why not warm up your winter months with some winter poetry?  Cinquains are short poems that consist of only five lines. They are great to help kids practice different parts of speech (adjective, action words, synonyms...)  Choose winter topics (ice skating, sledding, foods, building snowmen, getting dressed in winter clothes, holidays...). 

one-word title
two adjectives
three action words
four feeling words
a synonym for the title

Young children may need assistance writing their poems. Doing several whole class will help them understand the format. I have modeled by doing a whole class writing each day of the week. By Friday, the kids were all set to work independently.  
Add technology to your lesson by showing the children how to center justify in MSWord. You could also add in lessons on changing font sizes, colors, styles... Allow the children to publish their poetry.  In a drawing program such as KID PIX, the children could create an illustration. Collect and create a class book. On a later date, make hot co-co and cuddle up for some warm winter readings.

~Yummy Snowman~
On a large piece of paper draw the three large circles to make a snowman. Provide your students with a ton of mini marshmallows. Ask them estimate how many marshmallows it will take to fill in the outline of the snowman. Record their answers and then let them start gluing them around the outline. Have them count the actual number and figure out the difference from their estimated amount to the actual amount.  Let them decorate the rest of their snowman with M&M (or other small round candies)  eyes, candy corn noses (stock up after Halloween!), chocolate chips mouths and any candy for buttons. I have used skittles, Smarties, Hershey's kisses, etc... Stick pretzels make great arms. For the hat and scarf, we have used precut shapes. One friend used fruit roll ups to create these items. 
**I love to hit the stores after Halloween to stock upon candy for this project!
**I have also had parent volunteers bag up the "treats" in little bags so each child has their own bag of supplies. We always added extra that they kids were free to eat when they were all done with the project.

**Another teacher friend had her kids earn points all fall to "buy" supplies to build their snowpeople. The more points earned the more elaborate snow people they could create. 


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