Welcome To The Amazing World of BATS!

To learn more about bats, check out these sites! If you have one you would like added, please send me an e-mail.


All About Bats- a collection of Internet resources- lesson plans, quizzes, videos,  bat cam, bat house directions... Lots to see and do here!

More coming soon!

Bats- fun facts, illustrations, more resources, conservation, literature links, and more! BatBox Poetry- a collection of poems written by students about bats.


The Bat Cave-research bat facts and myths! Find the truth about these amazing creatures! Bat Conversation International-learn more about bats and how to help conserve the species.
Bat Crossword Puzzle- Print out this puzzle to test your knowledge of bats.


Bat Crossword Puzzles- grade 2-3 and 3-5- just print and complete.  If you want to try an on-line puzzle, try this one- BATS.
BATS4KIDS-This special website is designed for all children and created with the hope that you will like, respect and help protect these endangered species. We want you to have fun learning all about this unique and helpful animal so please come visit the site Bats Houses- learn how to make a bat house, information on bats all around the world, articles, pictures, humor and more!


The Bat Project- This project showcases the work and talent of 1-3rd grades throughout the United States. Schools were asked to research the bats in their area and then share their findings via the WWW.  What an awesome site! Bat Quest- In Search Of Stellaluna- a WebQuest available in English and Spanish.



Bat Quest- an interactive WebQuest for upper elementary classes. Even if you don't do the quest-check out the links they use. There are some good ones!

Going Batty- a collection of sites put together by KinderKorner. Features many activities using the books Stellaluna.  Links to buy bat books and more!
Help Save the Bats- check out ways you can help save the bat population!
Hotlist for Beautiful Bats- A great site full of activities and Internet resources to supplement your unit on bats.

Get your FREE BAT SOUNDS here!

Concepts Principles of  Aeronautics- Find great lessons on echolocation, where bats live, what they look like, comparing and contrasting birds and bats, bat houses and more. All grade levels.
Need  manipulatives- order these cute bat erasers to use for counting, patterning, adding...etc at Oriental Trading or maybe you need bat rings. They have those too!

Organization of Bat Conservation-teaching the world about the benefits of bats.  Visit the Bat Zone to see real photos of bats!

Putter's Bats- learn the truth about bats and dispel the myths you may have heard, learn how to make bat houses, bat radar, pictures and a lot more!

Stellaluna Resources- if  you are using this book, check out this site for some new activities and ideas.

Yahooligans- an awesome site designed for kids!  A wonderful list of resources just for kids.  
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