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How would you like to take a field trip without having to collect 
money, recruit chaperones, assign groups, make reservations,
endure the long bus roads and crowds?  
Well, you can, if you take a Virtual Field Trip.

What is a "Virtual Field Trip" ?
A Virtual Field Trip (V-Trip) is a field trip taken on the Internet rather than boarding a bus and hitting the road.   You can go just about anywhere you want.  You can go for FREE in many cases.   Other trips may do have a fee, so check before going. Taking a V-trip isn't just about going on-line and looking at things.  It is about learning. You can tailor make each trip to meet your students specific educational needs. Your trips can be  simple -- such as a photo tour of a famous museum -- to extremely detailed and high-tech field trips that offer video and audio segments to make the visit more interactive. 
However you decide to make your trip, you do need to do some pre-planning

Why take a "Virtual Field Trip" ?
Why not is a better question. V-Trips are an inexpensive way to open the doors to the world for your students. Traditional fieldtrips are limited by time and distance. You have to be able to get to and from your destination during school hours. Trips that are far away are usually not an option.  While on your "traditional" fieldtrip you may find your students having to rush to get it all in. A V-Trip allows you to travel far and travel often.  You can return, revisit and renew the excitement of learning and exploring.  As an educator you can now provide your students with an effective method of delivering information and expanding their horizons. 

By going on a V-trip you are also meeting many of the NETS Standards

Who can take a "Virtual Field Trip" ?
Anyone! It doesn't matter what grade you teach.  There are Virtual Fieldtrips available for every age level and every curriculum area. 

Where can you go on a "Virtual Field Trip" ?
Just about anywhere! The World Wide Web grows everyday and so does your list of possible trips.  From the rain forest to outer space to the historical landmarks or museums, there is a place for everyone to travel.

When can you take a "Virtual Field Trip" ?
Most likely, anytime you want! How convenient is that! No more coordinating schedules between busses, the fieldtrip destination, school calendars...

For more information on
Check out my Planning A Virtual Fieldtrip and my Printable Planning Sheet

          Activities and Ideas Before, During and After Your V-Trip 

To find V-trips check out the Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and,  Art Sections.  Check back often, as new sites are being added. If you have a great V-trip destination, please let me know. I would love to add it to our resources.

Other Resources on Virtual Field Trips:

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