Getting Started

If you want to learn how to use all those great programs you have,
 here are "the" best sites to check out!




7 Tips Towards  Better Searching on the Web

Front Page

FrontPage 2000 Tutoriall (Actden)
FrontPage 2000 Tutorial
FrontPage Tutorials
Cathy's Web Page Design Resources


HTML Coding
LISSA Explains It All- A wonderful website for kids (and grown-ups too) to help learn the ins and outs of HTML Coding.
What's New With Html?


K-12 and beyond -Harness the Power of the Web- create problem based collaborative projects.


IN and OUT of Microsoft- practical guides to help students, teachers and administrators learn how to use Microsoft Products in the classroom.
Microsoft Tutorials- Microsoft offers great tutorials to help you enhance your teaching and learning in the classroom with the use of technology.
Working With Graphics in Word- very teacher friendly!

Microsoft Paint

MS Paint Clickable Tutorial
MS Paint Tutorial


PhotoShop 5.5

PhotoShop Tips

PhotoShop Today

PPhotoshop Tutorials, Free Photoshop Tutorials, Adobe Photoshop ...


Actden's PowerPoint Tutorial- an excellent site created with teachers in mind!  A definite site to check out if you want to unleash the power of PowerPoint in your classroom.   FREE! Power Point Backgrounds-scroll down to find them!

Adding a CD Sound Track to PowerPoint

Adding Sound from Files or CDs

Brainy Betty's Templates and More
Education World's PowerPoint: Creating Classroom Presentations
Epson's Presenters University PowerPoint Tutorials

How to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into a Web Page

Internet for the Classrooms

Posting PowerPoint Presentations on the Web

PowerPoint FAQs


Publisher Tutorials -great shortcut reference

Using Publisher 2002 -Microsoft

These sites offer a variety of Tutorials on a variety of Programs!

Internet for the Classrooms- online modules to help  you learn PowerPoint, Inspiration, Excel, Word, Dreamweaver, Internet, Netscape, Hyperstudio, Word and more!
The Teacher Education Institute-On-line graduate courses in many areas-WebQuests, Integrating Office, Discovering Computers and more!
Technology Tutorials on the Web- a categorized list of web tutorials for commonly used programs, such as- Word, Works, Graphic Applications, The Internet,  Web Development and more!


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