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Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication and Division

Helping With Math.com- offers FREE printable addition, subtraction, multiplication and division pages!  Choose your subject, choose from tables and charts, worksheets,  flashcards, tip sheets and more!   I am a teacher and a mom and I visit this site all the time!
Little Animals Activity Center-choose addition, subtraction or a mixture of both, three levels to choose from
Math Cats-these cool cats make learning about place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division a lot of fun! My favorite is Really Big Numbers-type in ANY number and see it written out! Check out the whole site for math fun!
Math Mayhem-Brought to you by Learning Planet- users can select the area they wish to work on (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in this multi-player game. race the clock and play with other contestants on the Internet, fast paced and fun! Kids love the challenge (so do a few adults I know ;) )
Monster Math- a fun multiplication game brought to you by Multiplication .com.  Choose the  level/facts you want to practice. As you answer the problems correctly, you earn parts to build your own monster. Very child friendly!
Multiplication Practice- Quia offers matching games, flashcards and concentration games
Multiplication.Com offers teaching activities, interactive games, activities, worksheets, books and additional resources


Multiplication Picture Stories:

My students had a blast using our digital camera to create a PowerPoint of Equal Group Number Stories. Their goal was to locate things that could be found in our school to represent simple multiplication problems.  They added their photos to slides in PowerPoint, added the appropriate text and had a great time adding transactions, word art, etc... We printed the slideshow to make a classroom book for our classroom library.

Softschool.com offers a great tool for teachers and parents.  You can generate your own worksheets to meet your child's needs.
Test the Toad-solve simple addition problems and watch the frog count out the answer


All About Fractions- learn all you need to know about fraction at AAAMath then apply what you have learned with some on-line quizzes and games
3-5 Math Standards
PreK-2 Math Standards
Fraction Flags-create a flag using fractions
Fraction Frenzy-match the equivalent fraction cards to advance to the next level before your time runs out (Learning Planet)
Fresh Baked Fractions-find the fraction that can not be simplified to same as the others (Fun Brain)
Fraction Concentration-find the matching fractions (Harcourt Brace)
Helping With Math.com- offers FREE printable fractions pages!  Choose your subject, choose from tables and charts, worksheets,  flashcards, tip sheets and more!   I am a teacher and a mom and I visit this site all the time!
Soccer Shoot Out-young soccer fans will love this game where they test their skills at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions (FunBrain)


Bar Graph-add your labels and data and create a colorful bar graph; great to add to school reports
Create A Graph-use this site to create your graph, simply choose the type of graph you want to make and input your data
Ideas for Graphing Topics- Mrs. McGowan, a first grade teacher, has created some great lessons on graphing with cereal, candy, and games of today and yesterday.

Math Resources
A variety of math resources

AAA Math- select a grade level and area of interest, there are 100's of activities- you are sure to find something!
Animated Math Glossary brought to you by Harcourt Brace- choose the grade level (K-6) and then the word(s) you wish to learn more about-click the sound icon to have your term read aloud to you!
CoolMath4Kids- wonderful math activities for students of all ages 3-100 covering all areas of math!
CoolMath4Kids Little Links- a great collection of math related activities in all areas, geared for younger children ages 3-5
E-Lab (Harcourt Brace)- an online math activities for grades 3 and up.
FunBrain's Math Activities- scroll down to numbers and start the fun!
Internet4Classrooms-excellent math resources for grades 1st-8th grades.
Laura Chandler's Math Resources-Ms. Chandler has created wonderful math printables to supplement your math program.
Math Cats- These cool cats love math and so will you!  Something for everyone! Check out the crafts!
Max's Math Adventures- Brought to you by Scholastic- this is a great collection of internet math activities covering areas such as- addition, subtraction, sorting, patterns, multiplication and more!  All activities indicate the challenge level.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics- This is a three-year NSF supported project to develop a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction.
Saxon Math Online Activities- this is a fabulous site to reinforce math skills at all grade levels!
SoftSchools.com provides free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games. Worksheets and games are organized by grades and topics. These printable math and phonics worksheets are auto generated.
Learning Planet-search by grade level and find the perfect game to reinforce your math skills
Preschool Education-Select math and find some great (and easy) math activities to do with your young learners.
Problem Solving-crack the safe by solving the missing parts of codes, brought to you by Cyberchase.
Sesame Street-Select a character and have some math fun
Super Kids Worksheet Creator-create a math worksheet within minutes to meet your students individual needs.


Capacity is often a tricky thing for kids to remember.  Mr. Gallon is a fun way for kids to remember how many cups are in a pint, how many pints in a quart, etc...

Mr. Gallon- directions for making a Mr. Gallon man from paper. This resource is from Laura Chandlers website.


*I feel children need to see real images of coins to practice their money skills. I have found some great sites that use real images. You can COUNT on these sites to improve your money skills.

APlus Math-Adding Change-uses real images of coins to reinforce adding change and correctly putting in decimals
Banking On Our Future-great for upper elementary grades; learn about money and the basics of  banking with these interactive math games
Change Maker-Fill your piggy bank by making correct change, but watch out-wrong answers take money from your bank; choose a level and the currency type you want to work with
Count the Money-uses real pictures of coins; add up the total, click the answer and get immediate feedback
E-tools- this is neat online resource, real money graphics can be used to create sums, a calculator keeps track of what you add to the screen, split your screen into 2 or 3 parts and create equal money amounts,
How Many Cents?-Add the coins and input your answer into the calculator to check your answer, real coin graphics!
Worksheets-quickly and easily make a worksheet for your students using real images of coins; I have made worksheets, laminated them and then placed them in a learning center with a dry erase marker.  The kids loved the cards! (APlus Math)


Count Us In-games designed to help kids understand basic math concepts
Dragons Rescue- EVEN and ODD practice- rescue the dragon's eggs and decide if the number is even or odd. 
Even and Odd- Drag the numbers to the correct circle, quick and easy
Even and Odd Story- a cute story about 2 ladybugs to teach the concept of even and odd (from Primary Games)
Even and Odd Numbers- a quick explanation and if you scroll down and quick game
Even and Odd Numbers- count the pictures and click on whether it is even or odd. No bells or whistles, but great practice!

Odd and Even
by: Marg Wadsworth

If you are an even number
You always have a pair
So if you look around
Your buddy will always be there
But ...
If you are an odd number
There's always a lonely one
He looks around to find his buddy
But he's the only one.

Zero, two, four, six, eight
Being even is just great.

One, three, five, seven, nine
Being odd is just fine.


Helping With Math.com- offers FREE printable number  pages!  Choose your subject, choose from tables and charts, worksheets,  flashcards, tip sheets and more!   I am a teacher and a mom and I visit this site all the time!
PreK-K Number Train-Preschoolers will reinforce their number recognition skills and their counting skills, Great animation and sound.
PreK-1 Count Your Chickens-an easy counting game made just for young learners. As they click on the numbers they not only see the number but hear the name too!
PreK-1 Number Coloring Book- Enchanted Learning has wonderful resources so check out the whole site!  This coloring book has been a favorite with my kids!
PreK-2-fill in the missing numbers, difficulty increases with skill
PreK-2- Counting Fun- Count objects and fill charts (very user friendly!)
PreK-2-fill in the missing numbers, difficulty increases with skill
PreK-3 Connect the Dots- an easy dot-to-dot activity to help young learners count. lots of pictures to create!
Negative and Positive Numbers-solve math problems with positive and negative sums to reveal hidden pictures.


K-2 Count On- a site with many math related games-odd numbers, patterns, matching colors and shapes and more
Complete the Color Pattern- paint in the missing colors in these fun color patterns, check your answers for immediate feedback
Spot the Pattern-look for the pattern in a series of dots
Number Cracker-solve the problems to create number patterns
Pattern Builder-create patterns with sounds
Patterns In Nature- AWESOME real life pictures of patterns in nature!
Pattern Mania at Primary Games.com- finish the pattern sequences
Pattern Printables- Enchanted Learning has a nice selection of worksheets to print and complete
Saxon Math Online Activities-on the left hand side of your screen you will see the Math section. Select your desired grade level and then go to patterning.


AAA Math- defines the number of sides and angles of regular polygons, a quiz like activity follows
CyberChase's Tangram Fun- See if you can recreate the pictures with this fun and interactive activity
Harcourt Brace- Polygons Around A Point-using regular polygons, you must decide how to cover a surface-very fun and addicting!
Principles & Standards for School Mathematics- investigate polygons and use an online geoboard to create polygons
Principles & Standards for School Mathematics-developing an understanding of Geometry Spatial Skills through Puzzle- like Problems with Tangrams
Saxon Publishers-Sort the polygons


Barney's Shapes and Numbers-if your young learners love Barney, they will love this activity
Buzzing With Shapes- play tic-tac-toe by identifying different shapes- FUN! Play with a partner!
DLTK's Shape Activities- Printables, Shape Bingo, Coloring Pages, Poems, Shape Crafts and more! I love this site. I never leave it empty handed!
Literacy Center- 6 activities to reinforce shape recognition-matching, spelling, reading and more!
Match the Shapes- this activity is great for young learners- look at the picture and find the matching shape, instant feedback
StoryPlace.Org's Find the Shapes-an interactive game that has you searching pictures for the featured shape-animated and sound
StoryPlace.Org's The Story of Shapes-learn more about shaped as you listen to the book being read to you


Carnival Countdown-sort bumper cars by their numbers
Jelly Bean Sort-cute project created by a first grade teacher


Cyberbee Telling Time-drag the clock hands to reflect the time shown.
Feeding Time-tell the time and feed the clock, grades 2-4 (Little Fingers)
Get Up and Go- interactive time game for ages 5-7 (BBC)
Just in Time- a great collection of telling time activities at all levels-lesson plans, interactive activities and printable resources.
Learning Planet's Timeworks- put the numbers on the face of the clock
Primary Games-What time is it?-Great for beginners just learning to tell time.
Saxon Math Online Activities- Select your desired grade level and then scroll down to Telling Time.  This site is sponsored by Saxon Math. Grade 1-Time to the half hour, Grade 3-match clock faces with times, Grade 5-clock faces and Digital Times
Snapdragon's Set The Clock-fun game and easy to do-click the arrows to set the clock (and as a bonus learn some different languages)
Stop The Clock(30 minute increments)-this is a demo version of the game, but it is still a great activity to reinforce telling time skills. Drag the correct times to the correct clocks. This a favorite among my own students. Also 15 minute increments and 5 minute increments.
Teaching Time- a variety of activities that reinforce telling time- suitable for grades k-2
Teach-Nology- Printable worksheets to reinforce telling time skills- FREE!
Willy Watchdog-What kind of dog can tell time? A WATCH Dog of course! This is a great interactive game for 2 players to practice making a clock face reflect the time shown. This site is brought to you by Harcourt Brace.

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