Compound Words

are words that are formed when 2 words are put together to form 1 word.

Examples:  dog+house=doghouse


Here are some great technology resources to enhance your study of compound words. You will find Internet Resources, KID PIX Activities, MSWord activities and more! Many are teacher created sites and worksheets. If you have an activity or website  you would like to share, please let me know!


~Interactive Internet Activities~

Drag and Drop Game 1-drag the cards to make compound words, immediate (and positive) feedback after each game; Game 2
Feed the Hungry Thing- make the compound words from picture clues to feed the hungry thing
Find the Pairs of words that go together to create a new word.
Jan Brett's Compound Word Fun- read and make words, gives immediate feedback
KIDSHUB- Quiz Hub-click on the corresponding pairs
KIDPORT's Compound Word Activities-grade 4 and grade 2- both activities offer instant feedback for choices made.
Lesson and Activity- animated lesson on compound words and then a compound word hunt
Mrs. McGowan's Compound Word Fun-a drag and drop activity where you match the words to create a compound word.
Mrs. McGowan's Compound Word Fun 1-click in the bubbles to make a  compound  answer
Quia has several great activities to reinforce making compound words. Each activity has you  looking at a set of cards to  find words that go together to make compound words, Activity One   Activity Two   Activity Three

~Internet Resources~
Teaching Aides- free printables and more

~Cards~   ~Worksheets~
ABCTeach-print these word cards and use in a variety of activities   Worksheet from ABCTeach
Compound Word Cards   Primary Resources
KidsLab-weather related compound word cards   TLSBooks
School Express- 20 Free Worksheets   Making Compound Words
Stone Fox Compound Words-colored cards to print and use in a variety of games and activities.   KidsLab- a collection of worksheets, online activities, cards and more!
Riddles- how fun! read a joke and see if you can figure out the answer using a compound word, click here to see how my class used these riddles!   

~Curriculum Ideas~

Lesson Plans-ideas on how to teach compound words to your students

Read Berlioz the Bear, written by Jan Brett. Keep track of all the compound words  you read. Click here to see if you found them all.

Compound Riddles-Each child was given a riddle/answer and was asked to create a page for a classroom joke book!  See a sample!

Cloudy With A Chance Of  Meatballs-use this great story to enhance your compound word studies.

Mrs. MacDonald's MSWord Sheet-Open this document and save to your computer. Have students open it in MSWord. Then using the line tool from the drawing tool bar, students connect two words to make a compound word.
TIPS- Have students put the
+ (line drawing tool) on the middle of each word to ensure the lines connect the words when printing. Students need to select a line each time they need one.


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