Internet Safety

The Internet is a wonderful place with never ending sites to visit and explore. It is a place that many or our children visit often... and sadly, without adult supervision. Just as we would not drop our young children off at the mall and leave, we should not drop our children at the computer and leave. Like the mall, there are many people- some good and unfortunately some not so good. Website guidelines are pretty wide open and just about anyone with a computer, some time and a web host can create and publish a site. This is wonderful as our resources quadruple everyday.  On the other hand, there are many inappropriate sites popping up. We need educate our children on Internet Safety. We need to know where they are going and with whom they will be with at all times. Time spent on the Internet should be time spent between an adult and the child.

 Lets Keep Our Kids Safe!


~Internet Safety Tips For Parents and Children~

Tips for  Parents:  

  • Know what makes an Internet Site a good site! Critically evaluate sites before your child is allowed to visit them. For more information, check out the Internet Evaluations and Safety Page.
  • Monitor your child (ren)'s Internet use at all times.  Place your computer in a visible area, such as your living room or kitchen.  
  • Do not allow your child(ren) or babysitters to use the Internet while you are not home. 
  • Invest in some Internet Safety Software. It's a small price to pay for your child's safety!
  • Get involved with your child(ren)'s computer activities. Sit with them. Talk about what they are doing and how they should behave online. Set time limits that they are allowed to be online.
  • Set up a Favorites Folder or Bookmark sites that you feel are appropriate for your children to visit.  Tell them these are sites you approve of.
  • Model for them how to be responsible computer users. 
  • Discuss how to be safe (see tips below).
  • Don't overreact if your child does stumble upon an inappropriate site.  Calmly explain why you feel this site is inappropriate. Help them find an alternative site to use.  Tell your child to turn off the monitor if something makes them feel uncomfortable or they feel it is inappropriate for their eyes. 
  • Encourage your child to share what they are doing.  
  • Have your children PLEDGE to being safe.
  • When in doubt, check the History of where your kids are going.  Sometimes being a detective can help our children stay safe!

Tips for Children:  

  • Never give out personal information on the Internet.  This includes your name, address, telephone number or other personal information unless you have an adult's permission to do so.
  • Use polite language while on-line.  Never make threats.  If someone threatens you, tell an adult immediately.
  • Never agree to meet someone you have met on-line.  If someone wants to meet you, tell an adult right away.
  • Avoid clicking on advertisements.
  • Only visit sites that an adult says are okay to visit.
  • If something appears on your screen that makes you uncomfortable, turn off your monitor and get an adult.
  • Pledge to being safe!

~More Information on Internet Safety~

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act- a comprehensive description of COPPA
COPPA- Children's Online Privacy Protection Act-learn more about this law
CyberSafety-guide to internet safety for kids and their parents
Internet Safety Awareness- a fantastic site that offers safety tips for parents and kids, warning signs and additional resources to keeping kids safe.
Parental Controls- a great list of parental controls.
Safe Kids- offers tips to help parents keep kids safe while online in this article, ChildSafety on the Informational Highway
Safety Pledge-have your kids pledge to be safe!
Sesame Street's Guide to Internet Safety-provides for using the Internet, safe surfing, and software safety
Soc-Um This site is dedicated to helping children stay safe on-line!
Web Surfing Safety- Disney offers some great advice and games to promote safe Internet use.

~Internet Safety Fun~
~online games and activities~

Cybercitizen Partnership- provides info and quiz on cyber ethics
Disney's Internet Safety- Learn how to be safe with these fun games- Surf Swell Island Doug's Safety Tips,
3-6 Cyber Safety With Disney- help Disney characters safely use the Internet, great site for cooperative learning
Internet Safety-PBS Kids TechKnow-This friendly site has several activities to get kids thinking about how to use the Internet. "Get Your Web License" quizzes kids on web addresses, ethics, and safety issues, and offers feedback along the way and a certificate upon completion of the quiz.
Looney Tunes Teach The Internet- learn more about the Internet with  your favorite characters!
Web Wise- Web Wise Kids are a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring child internet safety by giving tips and advice to parents and children on how to protect themselves from online predators.

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