Below is a pledge that you may find helpful when creating a safe Internet environment for your children. You may have to modify the language so
your child understands what is being asked of them.  You may need to
add pledges to meet your own needs- chat room rules, digital cameras
and posting pictures, email usage...

Internet Safety Pledge

1. I pledge to follow the rules my parents set for on the Internet.

2. I pledge to only visit sites my parents feel are safe and appropriate for me.

3. I pledge to turn off my monitor off and get a grown-up if I see something that makes me feel uncomfortable or that I know my parents would not approve of.

4. I pledge not to give out any personal information while I am online. I will not give out my name, address, phone number, passwords, name of my school or any other information that may identify me. If someone asks me for this information I will not give it to them. I will tell an adult.

5. I pledge to use polite language while on-line.

6. I pledge not to meet anyone I have met online unless I have a grown-up's permission. If someone does ask to meet, I will tell a grown-up immediately.

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Parents' Signatures



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