Digital Picture Fun With PowerPoint

I love using PowerPoint! I find it so easy to insert pictures and create dynamic classroom presentations. My students all participate in the creation of each slideshow- whether it is simply helping me choose a background theme, fonts or adding the slides themselves. We always view the presentations as a whole class. I also have the presentation  available on the computer (either on a shared network drive or burned to a CD). We print out and laminate all presentations to create books for our classroom reading center. This also makes a great project to send home with your students so their families can join in the classroom fun.

The great thing about these presentations is that once you create one show you  have created a template to use year after year. Just change the pictures and text as needed.

New to PowerPoint? Actden has an awesome tutorial!
Kodak's Ten Tips For Using Digital Pictures in PowerPoint

Many more samples coming soon! I promise!


3 couches with 2 cushions each
3 X 2=6

Multiplication Fun
The students' task was to find things in our school that would be perfect to use in multiplication problems. Armed with digital cameras, they began their search. Pictures included table legs, couches, tiles, pencils, doors... Working in collaborative teams, they created a slide complete with picture and text.  The slides were compiled into one show and used in a learning center.

Fieldtrip Shows
 You always have that "down-time" after returning from a fieldtrip.  Gather your students around the computer and put together a slideshow of their trip. I like to print out mini books and send them home with the students as souvenirs.

Oval Callout: More ideas coming soon!


~Graphics Created For The Teachers' Mouse Pad~

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