Art and Music


The Art Department

Art History- background info, lessons, and additional links
ArtsConnected-tons of art resources-lesson plans, training tips, resources to support your curriculum and more!
ArtsEdge- current news in art education, lessons and professional resources
Crayola- packed with news, lessons, activities for young children-adults, e-cards, virtual tours and more!
Create Your Own Sculpture- An interactive site where you can create a sculpture and see how it looks in a real museum or garden setting.
Exploratorium- Museum of Arts, Science and Human Perception
Incredible Art Department- An award winning site with art news, lessons, activities submitted by teachers, and a whole lot more to explore.
National Gallery of Art Children's Page-this site is full of great art to look at and explore. Visit the ART ZONE for interactive online art activities!
The Grosse Pointe Schools Elementary Age Page- a comprehensive list of art sites to enhance  your curriculum
The Grosse Pointe Schools Middle School Art Page- a comprehensive list of sites to enhance middle school art programs

TUX PAINT- download this FREE painting program open the world of art and creativity in your children! My students love this program!


2-6+ Michael Carlos Museum- art exhibits form Greece, Rome, Egypt, and parts of Africa; you will find tours and lesson plans here!
2-6+ National Gallery of Arts- one of the finest art collections in the world, virtual tours of current exhibits- this is a must travel to destination!
Picasso's Works

The Music Department

Children's Music Network A great resource for teachers!  Many additional links, info on instruments, sheet music, info on grants, children's CD's and more!
Clip Art- Do you need a music picture? Check this site out! It's FREE!
K-12 Resources For Music Educators Contains sites for band teachers, vocal teachers, choral teachers, classroom teachers, orchestra leaders.... if you teach music, this site is for  you!
Music Education- Lesson plans, free music, jobs, instrument information and more
National Association For Music Educators This is the place to go if you love music!
RockNRoll Hall of  Fame- Check out history's top musicians
The Grosse Pointe Schools Elementary School Music Page A collection of music sites geared for the elementary aged student! Check it out!
The Grosse Pointe Schools Middle School Music Page A fantastic collection of music sites for middle school students.


The Orchestra Pit

American Symphony Orchestra League-   learn more about the world of music and the instruments of the symphony, play music, send cards and more
Boston Symphony Orchestra For Kids-games, backstage tours, meet the performers, coloring pages and more!
Cleveland Pops Orchestra-games, hear the instruments, links, coloring pages...
Dallas Symphony Orchestra-places for teachers and kids- interactive and totally FUN!!
Memphis Symphony Orchestra- meet the musicians, learn to conduct, fun links, tours,  Q and A section too!
New York Philharmonic-meet the musicians, play games, and learn all about the orchestra!
Owensboro Symphony-learn about the symphony, conduct, play your part, meet the composers and the musicians and have a great time!
San Francisco Symphony-learn about the symphony, visit the music lab, create music and have a great some fun!
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra-learn about the symphony, games, contest,  be a composer and experience the wonder of music

The Musical Tour Bus
Virtual Fieldtrips

Creating Music-  an online creative music environment for children of all ages to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Come discover fun and easy ways to make music!
Interactive Music Sites For Kids: Music Notes-Theory, Styles, Professions and Instruments are explained in depth.  Learn how to read chords and explore all types of music, play games, participate in message boards...
Interactive Music Site- NIEHS Sing Along Pages- MIDIs and lyrics to a wide variety of music- children's, patriotic, musicals and holidays to name a few
Music Games at Funbrain- music games geared for 3-12th grade
Music Games at Kidsdomain- tons of games!! A must see site!!
Musical Mysteries- This is a very cool site! There are many interactive games that increase critical thinking skills through music!

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