100 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day!

Okay so it is really only 53!  Please email me your thought and ideas so I can make it 100! 

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1.  Create a list of 100 math problems! Solve them or pass them to a friend to solve.

2.  Create a list of one hundred words- can you think of 100 nouns, verbs, adjectives...?

3.  Collect 100 signatures on a petition- say one for extra recess? maybe pizza for lunch? an increase in your allowance?

4.  Money-Count out 100 pennies.  How many dollars is that? Try counting out 100 nickels, dimes or quarters.  Can't get enough real money? Pretend money works great too!

5. Writing-If you were given a one hundred dollar bill, what would you do with and why?

6.  Social Studies-100 miles of fun! Look at a map and using the distance key find out where you would end up if you traveled 100 miles from where you are.

7.  The Past-100 years ago- what happened 100 years ago? What was the year 100 years ago?  See if you and your team can record 100 events from then. Look for things such as who was president, what the cost of milk was, what was a popular song,  inventions, what schools were like, popular trends...

8. The Future- see if you can find people who are 100 years old. Use the internet to assist in your search. If you are lucky enough to find someone in your neighborhood, see if you can interview them.

9. The Future- 100 years from now- create a self portrait of what you think you will look like when you turn 100 years old.  What year will it be 100 years from now? Or write about what you think the world will be like 100 years from now.

10.  See if you can build a tower 100 blocks or Legos tall (you may want to do it next to a wall for support).  What other structures can you build using only 100 block or Legos?

11.  Make a HUNDREDS Collection- simply collect and creatively display 100 related objects!

12. Can you string 100 Cheerios or Fruit Loops (or any hole in the middle cereal) and make a necklace?

13. Count to 100. Now count by 2's to 100. Now try  counting by 5's, 10's 20's...

14. How many math problems can you solve in 100 seconds?

15.  Writing/Technology- Try writing a story that contains 100 words! If you are using your computer, use the word count feature to keep track!

16. 100 seconds- Can you remain silent for 100 seconds? Can you jog for 100 seconds? How far can you run in 100 seconds?

17.  Can you find 100?  Fill several jars with the same type of candy, but different amounts in each jar. One jar should contain exactly 100 pieces. Ask your students to guess which jar contains 100 pieces of candy. The winner gets the jar of 100 and everyone shares the contents of all other jars. Everyone wins this way!

18.  Complete a 100 piece puzzle or create one of your own. To create your own, draw a picture or print on from the computer. Use sturdy paper. Cut the puzzle apart into 100 pieces.

19.  Create a 100 Words We Need to Know Book! Use those word lists that each grade level has to create the book.  This is a project that the children can have a resource all year long!

20.  Create a pattern that is 100 objects long. You could use manipulatives, stamps, pictures on a computer...

21.  Even though most 100th days fall in February, try having a one hundred Easter Egg hunt! Kids love to hunt for eggs. My own children hunted for "dino" eggs in November at my daughter's birthday party! They loved it!

22.  Here is a "BRIGHT" idea- Using 100 pegs create a picture on your light-brite. My son did this and had a blast!

23. Create a domino line using 100 dominoes.

24.  Where do you think 100 steps would take you? Take 100 steps. Were you right? What if you took bigger steps?

25.  Taken from my days as a kindergarten teacher- 100 gumballs.  My students traced the pieces to create a gumball machine. Using dot painters (similar to Bingo stampers) the children stamp in 100 gumballs. This was done with a group that could handle stamping to 100. The following year, we worked in cooperative groups of 5 members each. Each child stamped 20 "gumballs". This was a better approach with this particular group.

26.  Comparing weights- what do you think weighs more- 100 feathers or 100 pieces of paper? 100 pennies or 100 dimes?  100 beans or 100 M&M's? 

27.  Collect 100 returnable cans or pop bottles. Use the money to buy your school secretary a gift!

28. 100 compliments- Cut out 100 strips of paper. Have the children write one compliment on each strip. Toss them in a container. Everyday, pull 2 strips and read them aloud to the class. Tell the class that today they need to use those compliments as many times as they can.

29.  Collect catalogs and weekly sale papers. Give each child a budget of $100 to spend. To help he kids see how much they have spent and how much they have left, try giving them each 100 one dollar bills (play money of course!). You could print sheets of play money and have the kids cut out their own too. A friend of mine (very organized)- set up a bank months ahead of time where the kids earn money. They withdraw $100 to do this project.   As they look through catalogs and flyers they cut out  the pictures of the items they want to buy. They glue them onto large sheets of paper and write the amount of each item as well. When I did this with my 2nd graders, I instructed them to round up- example $2.99 became $3.00. Made things much easier. What I liked about this item was watching the kids go crazy at first and then  start changing (and exchanging) items. 

30.  Create a stunning hallway display by having your kids each cut out enough hearts to create a total on one hundred. On each heart they write things they like about school or you could do 100 things they have learned so far. Title it  "100 Reasons We Love School" or "100 Things we Have Learned".

31.  Predictions in Science- do you teach matter? This one is a great science lesson- estimate how long it will take for 100 ice cubes to melt.  Follow the scientific method and check hypothesis at the end.

32.  Fill in a 100's chart.

33.  I am not sure where I heard this idea but I thought it was really cool! Around the World in 100 Days.  Teachers and students collected 100 postcards from around the world.  I might try it with emails this year with my class. I would love to receive 100 emails from 100 different places in the world. I plan on pinpointing the locations on our classroom map.

34.  Using KID PIX (the older version) students can create a dot-to-do using 100 points.  The dot-to-dot tool is found in the wacky paintbrush section. My computer lab students loved this. They printed theirs and had a friend solve them. You could also laminate them and make a book. Provide dry erase markers and cut up baby wipes for your students to complete pictures at a center.

35.  Children create animals from large pieces of paper. Encourage them to create animals that have spots or stripes.  Then ask them to add 100 spots or stripes to their animal. If 100 seems to big of a number for one child, have them work in teams.

36.  Contact a local charity and see what they are need of. Challenge your class to collect 100 items the charity needs. Years ago, I did this and we collected one hundred containers of baby wipes to donate to a local women's shelter. It took us weeks to collect them, but it was great fun stacking them as they came in and counting them each time we added to the pile (great counting skills).

37.  Clean up with this activity- if the weather permits, provide your students with gloves and garbage bags and challenge them to collect 100 pieces of trash in the neighborhood around the school Have parents accompany the children as they pick-up.   Now, I have done this and I never really count their "trash". Most pick up way more than 100 but hey the neighborhood just gets cleaner!

38.   Hide 100 cards with the numbers 1-100 programmed on them. Hide them all over your room or playground. Challenge the children to find all the cards. When they have found them all, work as a class to put the cards in numerical order.

39.  Choose a popular book and read only the first 100 words to your class. Have the class continue the story from that point on.

40. Writing- Have students use this prompt- "If I have told you once, I have told you a hundred times __________________."

41.  Math- Create number sentences that equal 100. Example- I have 50 candy bars. My mom bought me 50 more. How many candy bars do I have now?

42.  Math- Toss a coin 100 times. Tally mark the number of times heads comes up and the number of times tails comes up. Graph your results when finished. The Graph Club program by Tom Snyder Production is an awesome graphing program for young kids!

43.  Saving $100!  Give the children coupon flyers and challenge them to come up with a collection of coupons to save their parents $100! Let them use a calculator to add up the savings!

44.  Create counting collections of 100 objects to give to lower grades. This was done for my class when I taught kindergarten. The second graders made collections of  rocks, paper clips, marbles, blocks, dominoes... and gave them to my class.  It was fabulous! We received many great new maniplutive sets!

45.  Use 100 objects (such as M&M's) to create the number 100. 

46. Make a 100's Place Mat- buy premade blank placemats (available at party supply stores) or make your own. Divide the placemat into ten sections. Allow children to fill in each section with a set of ten pictures. I used a plastic veggie dip serving tray and filled each compartment with "goodies" to use- stickers, pictures from recycled address labels (you know the ones you get free? They always have cute pictures on them-just snip them off and there you go!), gold crown stickers from Hallmark, stamper (self inking ones are great), cute paper punches (scrapbooking stores have great ones!), magazine pictures, confetti pieces (I always shop after the holidays and pick up tons!), those white circle hole reinforcers, dot stickers, bingo stampers...  Once filled in laminate and use at your 100th Day Party!

47.  Draw a large 100 on a sheet of paper. Challenge your kids to make a drawing using the shapes of 100 in their drawing.

48. 100 toppings- Can you think of 100 things to top a pizza with? Make a large pizza from poster board. Have the children cut out 100 pictures from magazines to create their pizzas. Challenge them to come up with a name for their creation!

49. 100 toppings- Can you think of 100 things to top a sundae with? Make a large sundae from poster board. Have the children cut out 100 pictures from magazines to top their sundaes.  Challenge them to come up with a name for their creation!

50.  100 Second Cookies- This was passed along to me by a friend.  Cream together 1 1/2 cups softened margarine, 3 cups sugar, 6 eggs, and 3 teaspoons of vanilla. Sift- 3 3/4 cups flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder and 1 1/2 teaspoons salt.  Stir the sifted ingredients into the creamed mixture. Drop 2 teaspoons of batter onto each of the four quarters of a heated waffle iron and cook for 100 seconds.  She claims it really works! She had the kids take turns using the timer to time the baking. 

51. 100 Breakfast- a friend of mine passed this along (thanks Kim)! She serves each child 1 sausage link (the 1 in 100) and 2 mini pancakes (the 00 in 100). The kids get to squirt whip cream on top and add sprinkles.  YUMMY FUN!

52. Read and discuss the book,  The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza. After reading the book, draw a picture of the fox and a stew pot or have the children create these items.  Now add 100 food items to the pot- draw the pictures, cut them from magazines, take digital pictures, etc...

53.  Lay your students out to form the number 100. Stand above them and and take their picture!  Then  print it out and ask the kids to write 100 things that they are good at around their picture.  Proudly display!



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